Electric Wine Bottle Opener

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Uncork your wine with ease. Electric Wine Bottle Opener

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Electric Wine Bottle Opener
The Electric wine bottle opener fits nearly everywhere and does its job practically all the time! It can get tired after forty to fifty rounds, but that would be a little wild anyway! For a reasonable pleasure-seeker it is just the perfect partner for fast, effortless performance. It gives back more quality time, removing the heap of struggle and endless waiting to get started. The ceremonial quality of removing every unnecessary encasement indicates that it is time to unwind. Whether we want to do it alone or go really wild, it can hold on and cope with being highly overtaxed. You can do it anywhere and everywhere, you don't have to feel strange about doing it outside in public, it is not as conspicuous as it used to be. Very fast and very discrete. One session takes only a few seconds. Place it on top, making sure it remains in an upright position. It perfectly fits into the palm of your hand with its ergonomic shape for a firm grip. First you have to press the lower area to activate it and make it enter. In a few seconds it is finished and you can take it all out. Then you can lift it away from the opening and by pressing the upper part of it make it release. Let the pouring begin! The whole process is accompanied by discrete and sophisticated noises and a blue and red light, changing according to where pressure needs to be applied. The Rechargeable Electric Wine Opener gives you the chance to effortlessly celebrate the moment of wine drinking by a simple push-button operation.

Features and Usage

  • Noise: < 70dB
  • Removal time: 7~10s
  • Charging time: 12 hours
  • Bottles/Full recharged: 
    • Natural cork > 50 bottles
    • Synthetic cork > 40 bottles
  • Power Source: Rechargeable battery pack included, 
  • Foil Cutter & Adaptor included 
  • Package: color box